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  • rialdo

    Rialdo Shepherd

    Quick Facts

    Birth Date: 1982/03/03Place Of Birth: Panama City, Panama


    Everything started with his musical background, Rialdo was introduced to music since he was a child listening to Latin Jazz and soft rock music from the 80’s thanks to his enthusiastic father that was a jazz collectionist. Rialdo was always very musical oriented and always excited for music compositions and instrumental arrangements.
    It was not until his teenage years which Rialdo learned acoustic classical arrangements with the “Clarinet” instrument in the National Conservatory of Panama” which he spent a couple of years learning in this institution and/or with private lessons.
    Rialdo was then introduced to the world of Electronic Music at the age of 18 when he got together with a grood friend of him Manuel Madarnaz “Kurro”, which was then producing reggae music in his country, and taught Rialdo to compose music using a computer software. By that time Rialdo was already listening to artists such as Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and many more so he was very interested in learning, this was the initiation of Rialdo Shepherd as a producer.
    In the year 2000, Rialdo and Manuel started producing electronic music and formed the duo “No Boundaries” creating Trance music locally and as a hobby, but it was not until 2003 when the very sad news that “Kurro” passed away and Rialdo stopped producing under “No Boundaries”, but Rialdo quickly returned to production in 2004 as a solo musician.
    Rialdo started to play in small local clubs in his country which started to put his name in the spot, but it was by 2008 that Rialdo signed his first track under the label “Istmo Music” from El Salvador with the track “Staring At My Mind” which was very well supported by this Latinamerican record label. Rialdo’s single “Ram-Pi-Lin” was his first single that was released in the album compilation “Hilfiguer Denim Sessions”. Rialdo also signed tracks with other record labels such as Neuroscience, Itzamna Recordings, Istmo Music, BlackLight Records and South Records.
    It was not until 2011 that Rialdo decided to expose his work internationally by creating the first podcast show “Dance Nation Podcast” which was the first podcast from the country with a global target in English language. This was very attractive by some bigger names in the Panamanian scene, like “Sergio Mix”, which saw an opportunity to bring this Podcast to a higher level and by 2012 Sergio decided joining Rialdo and help him to accomplish this. This was a great opportunity for Rialdo as well since him, as the host of the show, and Sergio as the marketing staff member, they decided to create an association of DJs for the Podcast and took the podcast to an enterprise level by helping with the evolution of djs and creating big events like “Insomnia” , “Youngsters Festival” and many more.
    Rialdo Shepherd by 2012 started contributing with “PTY DJ Academy” owned by Sergio Mix and Sir Robert to teach young and rising djs with the art of mixing and producing.
    Rialdo announced along with Sergio Mix and Nigel Mack by the year of 2013 their upcoming album releasing by 2014 which will be Rialdo’s first album.
    A promising artist with huge experience, great live performances and powerful tracks makes him one of the most recognized Trance and Progressive artist from Panama.


    Amatist Vane

    Quick Facts

    Nick Name: Amatist VaneBirth Date: 1989/08/03Place Of Birth: Panama City, PanamaOccupation: Brand Adviser / Graphic Designer / DJ


    Since her debut about five years ago, Dj Amatist Vane has become one of the most important female representatives of electronic music in Panama.
    At 16, she started her training in a beginners' DJ workshop , under the tutelage of Panamanian DJ Sergio Mix. Two years later, and after polishing her skills, she makes her debut in the Jamboree 2008 contest, winning 3rd place.
    In 2008, she begins her  professional career as a DJ at the Divas On Deck event, where she was received positively by the Panamanian public. After playing at a series of events in several of the country's provinces, such as Electronik Fridays in the city of Santiago and Techtronika 2010 in Chiriqui, she got her big break in the city of David, where she played during the X-Zone 3D to a crowd of more than 3000 people.
    Since August 2011 she hosts a live stream show "Amatist Vane Live", where she presents her sets and tributes to internationals DJ's.
    Among her recent performances are X-Zone Novo Mundo 2012, an event at the Hotel RIU with DJ MAG's #1 DJ in Latin America Francis Dávila, Zona Flow 2013 during Carnival in Chitré and private events in Panama and Barcelona.


    Sergio Mix

    Quick Facts

    Birth Date: 1964/04/06Place Of Birth: Panama City, Panama


    Since the late 70 's Sergio Mix showed interest in dance music, when vinyl discs were a tendency, he was just a teenager. He appeared and devoted himself to experimenting at home with just 5 discs of 45rpm, then bought his first 12 "single in the 79 and then he began his career as a DJ , moving into the current electro-pop , new wave and 80's house . After moving these rhythms as a mobile dj, he then spent much of the 80’s decade as a club DJ in prestigious venues of Panama ( like Bacchus ) until the mid-90 's, during this period, he experienced as producer and remixer creating his own works of artists, for radio and for live performances.
    Sergio mix lies with the evolution of dance music "electronic music " since 1992 playing techno after going to his first Djs fair in Los Angeles California that same year , and in 1995 experiments with “Trance music” until the end of the century and decides to stick with this music genre.
    Sergio Mix dabbled in radio since 1984 thus giving opportunity to promote dance culture in Panama and became the first DJ to have a radio show with the dance genre and so far remains valid .
    This gave him the opportunity to share the stage with DJs , artists and producers such as Paul van Dyk, Tiesto , Mauro Picotto , Fragma , Dave Ralph , Kay Cee , Marc et Claud , George Acosta , Oliver Clain , Humate , Cosmic Gate, Dumond , Ayla & dj Tandu , Ferry Corsten , Antoine Clamaran , Robbie Rivera , Benie Bennasi , Eric morillo , Dash Berlin, LMFO , Showtek , Allure, Francis Davila , Nadia Ali , Gloria Gaynor , Anita Ward, Sister Sledge , and others. Since that show in Los Angeles Sergio Mix continues to travel and share with other DJs in the world especially in each " winter music conference" in the city of Miami as well as in major events such as Ministry of Sound and South America Music Conference, Insomnia, Youngsters, among others. With all these experiences, Sergio Mix have represent Panama in other countries and be recognized internationally as an icon of electronics in Panama .
    It was not until the year 2004 that Sergio Mix dj makes his debut as producer fusing musical trends with G- Tek producer , with the album "Elemental " , a production that contains 11 tracks which bears the stamp of the last dj track of this album and being the first to release an album with electronic music made in Panama . In 2007 signed with the clothing brand " Tommy Hilfiger " with which publishes another Cd Album Compilation with local and international artists entitled " Tommy Hilfiger Session" plus collaborations for other labels whose tracks appear for sale on
    In 2011 Sergio Mix started with the idea of “PTY DJ Academy”, the first academy of dj in Panama. He also decided to collaborate as a staff member in 2012 with the first Panamenian international Podcast “Dance Nation Podcast”. He also started hiw own radio online SMX Radio in 2013.
    Sergio Mix is the most respected dj and with the most experience in electronic music from his country and is considered the pioneer and promoter of dance culture in Panama, heart and center of America.

  • d3mo


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Demostenes BernalNick Name: D3MOBirth Date: 1995/02/04Place Of Birth: Panama City, PanamaOccupation: DJ / Producer


    Demostenes Bernal (born February 4, 1995) as better now as Demo, is a DJ from Panama City and electronic dance music producer. Specialized on Trance music and progressive house. The electronic music catch his attention since he had 6 years only. One of his favorite track since that time was "Nothing But You" From Hemstock And Jennings With Paul Van Dyk. Now was the time, when he had only 12 years he began to practice as a simple Dj by a software's advice of his brother Adrian. He began to practice and learned some stuffs. He believed his first year as a Dj were going to be boring, but was completely different, year by year he is loving the electronic music. After 3 years of learning some Djs skills, he began his class as a student of  the best academy of Djs  "Pty DJ Academy". He graduates from this academy and also won in his first class with another guy called “Carlos Reina” his first play making a set of 30 minutes of electronic music on the Radio Station "Rock N Pop" with Sergio Mix as a guest Dj last year. Now he go out of the school for University he will spend more time to be a Dj and also a producer of electronic dance music for be one of the greatest Djs of his country and represent Panama in another places around the world.


    Isaias Cobos

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Isaias Gerald Cobos GonzalezBirth Date: 1992/04/09Place Of Birth: Panama City, Panama


    Isaias Gerald Cobos Gonzalez was born in Panama City on April 9, 1992. At the age of 10 years he shows interest for the Electronic Dance Music, specially Trance music in the hands of the panamanian DJ, Sergio Mix, when he was resident on the radiostation "Super Estación, 92.1".

    On the year 2006, he starts to practice his first mixes, testing with different EDM genres and perfecting his style bit by bit.

    On the year 2011, he leaves his roll like Bedroom DJ, obtaining his first opportunity for a Liveset on the place "La Casona" in Casco Antiguo, opening for the international DJs Gustavo Campain aka G1 and Jojo Santos on his "Elektrophonic Tour".

    On the beginning of 2012, he enters to PTY DJ Academy directed by Sergio Mix for polish and dominate better his mix style, meeting the analogal, digital and software mixes and a bit of basic musica production. On this same year, he obtains his first international performance on the Leading Trance Radio, during the event "Venezuela In The Mix 001" as Guest DJ. Ending the same year, he's invited by the recogized DJ, Fidel Coronado for play a 1 hour Guest Mix on his Radioshow, Dirty Sound, on the radiostation Maxima 104.3 FM.

    On april 2013 he plays at Figali Convention Center during the Youngsters Festival, with an opening set for Francis Davila, Allure and Showtek.

    On 2014 he travels to Penonome for play at Electric Circus, Electronic Area in PesKito Penonome, being this his first gig in another district of the Republic Of Panama. On october of this year, he joins in at the 2nd edition of "I Am Here DJs Contest", contest created and hosted by Franklyn Robinson, being winner of this massive competition.

    Actually he is Resident DJ of the EDM Radio Show of the moment in Panamá, MaxiDrop, hosted by Sergio Mix, Rialdo Shepherd & Amatist Vane on Maxima Panamá 91.7 FM


    Erick Álvarez

    Quick Facts


    Erick Alvarez is a Panamenian Dj/Producer who got his Music interest in an early age, but he developed it later in life. At the age of 15, he became more interest specifically in Electronic Dance Music and he started looking for Songs, Artists, Popular Mixes around Youtube, and heard about an upcoming Dj from Youtube Called “DJ Bl3nd”, from there he started to look for the songs that were on the tracklists and from there he got to know about big named Djs and got  influenced by big names like Dj Tiesto, Avicii, Swedish House mafia and many others. He thought about becoming a Dj, but he wasn’t very sure at the beginning and he didn’t know how to learn it. In 2012, he heard about PTY DJ Academy that was, and still is, instructed by Sergio Mix, Rialdo Shepherd, Sir Robert and Nigel Mack. So he decided to get in so he could actually “play” the music that he was attracted to and in love. He learned all the basics of being a Dj and how to use almost all the hardwares and softwares that are involved in the world of live mixing and he is very thankful to his masters. He kept developing his Dj skills and working hard on them, those skills had let him to make performances on Club Parties and well-know Party places in his country. A couple of months later, after learning about the “Art of Mixing” and how to use the hardwares and softwares that were involved on that world, he got involved in the world of “Producing”. Now he is part of the ‘’Dance Nation Podcast‘’ Crew were his masters are part of many well-known Panamenian Djs, and also good friends of his. He has been able to open up with a warm-up set to ‘’Big Named’’ International Djs. He wants to become a well-known Dj/Producer in his country and, if God let him, around the world. One of his favorite inspirational phases are “Never back down, always look up and keep on’’.

  • foncho


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Alfonso MorenoNick Name: FONCHO | TONY MOBirth Date: 1995/01/11Place Of Birth: Panama City, Panama


    My name is Alfonso Moreno, but people may know me better for my stage names, Foncho and Tony Mo (House, Tech House, some Progressive). Everyone else wrote their bios in third person, but I decided to be different and write mine in first person; even my pictures are different, all are selfies! I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama, and currently studying at the University of Arkansas. Since little I loved music and dancing. I remember being in my mom’s car and just shout “don’t change that song!” and I would begin to dance to it. I grew up listening to various music genres, such as, salsa, merengue, reggae, rock, and old house. One of my favorite songs is still “One More Time” from Daft Punk; it is my actual alarm ringtone because what can be better to wake up to such a happy song? I am a DJ that enjoys every single genre that revolves around dance music and its “offsprings”. I am a DJ who listens anywhere from House to Hardstyle, Electro House to Trance, and Trap to Progressive House. My favorite two genres are House and Hardstyle. I currently run a podcast called “Russian Roulette” which you can find at . Every week the podcast includes a genre different from the week before, so it doesn’t matter which is your music style, for sure you are going to find one that you will like. About the producer side of me, I lean towards house; I am still in the process of getting my tracks out there for you to enjoy. If you want to know more about me you can go and follow me at soundcloud and twitter @foncho_dj and see you later!


    Ian Sucre

    Quick Facts

    Birth Date: 1989/01/06Place Of Birth: Panama City, Panama


    Aníbal G. Sucre. Known in the art world as Dj Ian was born on 6 January 1989 in the province of Panama .

    He began his career as a DJ at the age of 15 Years Over Online Radio Afternoons at 18 as a DJ in Hotels, Private and Corporate Events . Professionally taking it in the best clubs in Panama ... Guitarist and Loving the tunes and mixes of electronic music leads him to study its origins . As a result of his Love for Music Starts Creating Your Own Productions .

    Started in 2012 as Panama City and Resident as Guest Dj : Dj Resident
    Hotel Veneto , La Casona, S6is , " Pure" , "Villa Agustina ", " Altabar ", " Isabella " , "White Lion" , " Manrey " Among Others " and many more. In addition to presentations in the top clubs in Panama .

    In the News is part of the Artists dancenationpodcast + SpotPlatinum Works at Original Productions Musical Collaborations With Better Country Singers of its specialization on Gender Progressive House, Dirty House and Electro House and R & B.

    Counting With 3 Mashup
    With 3 Tracks And Originals
    Mix And Their Various Events
    Now is more focused on publicizing Their Tracks Under Artist Collaborations As Yamileth Lange , J. Elvis , Rebel Mike , Giancarlo Bonissi . Work that has been stored in the study Mentioning About 15 Topics

    His ultimate dream is to become recognised as one of the best DJs and Electronic Pop Producer R & B World.

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  • Dance Nation Podcast was created in November 2011 by panamenian Dj/Producer Rialdo Shepherd, with episode 001 targeting international market.

  • The original idea was that listeners were able to register each week, getting notifications of new episodes and increasing its audience. In 2012, DJ and producer Sergio Mix join forces with Rialdo creating this podcast the #1 local podcast from Panama.

  • This show is now a well-established company which has become an agency with a roster of more than 16 new DJs and Producers of the local scene and also a promoter for sponsoring important local events.